Academic Institutions

Antimicrobial Resistance Learning Site (AMRLS)

Created by Michigan State University, this website is intended to be a strong educational resource for anyone (from farmers to medical professionals) looking to gain a better understanding of antimicrobial resistance. Particularly helpful for agricultural settings, this site will have good information for medical professionals.


Centers for Infectious Disease Research and Policy

Produced by the University of Minnesota, this is a resource dedicated towards discussing and promoting proper stewardship of antimicrobial drugs. Visitors can find many different articles, discussions, and podcasts that discuss the topic from both human and animal health angles.


Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center

This is an academically geared website that discusses a lot of recent research regarding antibiotic research. Most of the information is scientific, but can be used to better educate about what the latest findings of antibiotic resistance are so that clinicians can improve their own approaches to use of these drugs.


UC Davis

UC Davis has established a useful database of articles regarding the topics of antibiotic resistance. These articles cover multiple topics, but largely are related to promoting awareness of the problems of antimicrobial resistance and the importance of a strong and preemptive approach to solving the problem.


University of Wisconsin

This is a website of information from the University of Wisconsin regarding the stewardship of drug use. Through the curation of a wealth of research and clinical information, the university has established a useful source of knowledge that can be used by nearly anyone to further their understanding of what antimicrobial resistance is, the importance of avoiding it, and how to take positive action towards our collective goals.


Antimicrobial Resistance Learning Site

This website offers open source teaching modules that can provide professionals, farmers extensive understanding of antimicrobial resistance. Really strong educational source.


University of Minnesota

This is a website from the college of veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota. The website has established a range of sources ranging from providing risk assessments and policy summaries to responding to emerging foreign animal diseases.