Professional News Organizations

Antimicrobial Resistance Control

This website is a massive collection of articles and journals that explicitly focus on the topic of antibiotic resistances. It curates information from around the world to bring health professionals the most up to date information possible regarding any factor related to antibiotic resistances. This is an excellent place to start when looking for information regarding resistances.


Bovine Veterinarian Magazine

This website is a sister-site to Dairy Herd Management meaning there will be many articles that have crossover between the two sites. The important difference, however, is that Bovine Veterinarian Magazine targets topics towards cattle in general as opposed to specifically dairy cattle. There are many articles discussing antibiotic resistance that can be very helpful for those looking for better understanding of drugs in cattle.


Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council

This organization works to provide veterinarians the latest information regarding the treatment and care of dairy cattle. They have many newsletters and protocols that can be accessed to aid in the understanding of many dairy cattle topics, including proper use of antimicrobials for treatment.


Dairy Herd Management

This website describes itself well in its title: a website dedicated towards helping people manage dairy herds. Though much of the information is on normal management topics, there are useful resources that discuss proper use of drugs to treat individual cows as well as managing herds.


Hoard’s Dairyman

Similar to other news articles for dairy cattle, this site has a lot of good information specific to dairy cattle management. Some of these articles discuss antibiotic resistance so it can be a good place for dairy herd owners and veterinarians to start when looking for more information about the topic.


National Mastitis Council

This website is geared directly towards the care of dairy cattle, and so contains information almost exclusively towards this topic. However, there is still much information to be found here regarding the use of antimicrobials in dairy cattle settings and much of this information can be used to inform decisions in other situations as well.